Web archive

So often past websites are suddenly gone … We’re trying to archive ours, if nothing else for purely sentimental reasons!

CATMA 1.0 was our first site, released in 2009 (just marvel at the gory design!) In those early days CATMA was still partly programmed in C#, the language used by Malte to implement the core analytical functionality that was modeled on the old TACT program suite, and in Java, which Marco then decided to introduce for the Tagger component and as a first step toward a platform independent solution.

CATMA 2.01 followed in 2010 when the major shift to a fully JAVA-based architecture had been completed. This was also the year we received our first Google Digital Humanities Award and had hatched the idea to turn the desktop version into a web application that could also support real-time collaborative text annotation and analysis. This concept was worked out and then realised in the CLÉA project—the acronym stands for “Collaborative Literature Éxploration and Analysis.” And the accent on the É? Well, that was just a subtle reminder that ASCII is not good enough for people who work with texts across different languages and alphabets …

CATMA 3.0 and 4.0 took us from 2012 right through the end of 2016 and the extension of CATMA’s functionality in the context of the German Ministry of Science and Research funded heureCLÉA project. In heureCLÉA we added what we termed ‘heuristic’ functionality to CATMA’s tagger by training machines on user generated annotation data for narratological concepts.