forTEXT and CATMA Workshop at University of Stellenbosch (20–21 June 2018)

As part of a cooperation between forTEXT/CATMA at the University of Hamburg and the South African Centre for Digital Language and Resources (SADiLaR) and the University of Stellenbosch we will introduce post graduate literature students to the use of digital methods in the humanities as well as annotation and analysis routines in CATMA on June, 20–21, 2019.

The workshop Digital Tools for Research in Literature: Introduction to CATMA combines a general introduction into different DH-approaches with a hands-on-experience of working in CATMA. Newcomers are explicitly invited to join the workshop and are encouraged to bring their own texts and project ideas (whether or not they already have a DH angle) which we will discuss from the “DH-point of view”.