CATMA (Computer Assisted Textual Markup and Analysis) is a practical and intuitive tool for text researchers. In CATMA users can combine the hermeneutic, ‘undogmatic’ and the digital, taxonomy based approach to text and corpora – as a single researcher, or in real-time collaboration with other team members.

CATMA is a free, open source development. Our main server is hosted at the University of Hamburg,  Germany; we also run a back-up server at the University of Heidelberg as well as two additional backup servers leased from commercial providers. We are committed to data privacy and IP protection.

Just go ahead and try it out!

Browser based text annotation with CATMA 5.0 - image © by Anna Salomons
Browser based text annotation with CATMA 5.0 – image © by Anna Salomons

CATMA’s key features are:

  • Support of digital text in almost any language, incl. right-to-left scripts (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese)
  • Full integration of annotation and analysis functions in a web browser
  • Web-based collaboration for easy exchange of documents, annotations, and Tags
  • Freely definable or pre-defined Tags that can also be shared
  • Interactive natural-language searches across text, corpora, and annotations
  • Automated statistical and non-statistical analytical functions
  • Built-in visualization of search results and analyses
  • Analysis of complex text corpora in a single step
  • Context-sensitive help function, tutorials, user manual, and help desk

Learn more about CATMA’s functionality and try our hands-on tutorials – meow!