Support enquiries

For support enquiries, please use

  • catma-support

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General enquiries

For general enquiries you can contact us at

  • catma-team

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CATMA team members

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Meister (project lead)
  • Christian Bruck, M.Sc. (developer)
  • Marie Flüh, M.Ed. (dissemination)
  • Dr. Jan Horstmann (project coordination)
  • Dr. Janina Jacke (concept development)
  • Mareike Schumacher, M.A. (social media manager)
  • Marco Petris, Dipl. Comp.Sc. (lead developer)

former team members:

  • Prof. Dr. Evelyn Gius (project coordinator until 2017)
  • Malte Meister, BA Comp.Sc. (lead & co-developer until 2010)

If you want to contact individual team members, please use one of the following addresses, replace spaces with dots and append

  • jan-c-meister
  • christian bruck
  • marie flueh
  • jan horstmann
  • janina jacke
  • mareike schumacher
  • marco petris

Postal address

Universität Hamburg
Institut für Germanistik
Überseering 35
D-22297 Hamburg, Germany