Terms of use

These are the terms of use for the CATMA web application (http://portal.catma.de)—for regulations pertaining to the CATMA website please refer to the section imprint.

By logging in to the CATMA platform you accept the following terms and conditions of usage of CATMA:

§1 Copyright legislation applicable

Every CATMA user acknowledges that he/she will observe the applicable paragraphs of German copyright law and jurisdiction (particularly §§ 106 ff.) as well as any applicable international copyright legislation. Alternatively, if indicated in a particular document, the legal rules of the Creative Commons Public License (CCPL) may apply. If a document or file from the CATMA sources and foundries is not explicitly distributed under the CCPL, the German copyright law and jurisdiction apply. In this case, the document or file may only be redistributed or republished with explicit permission of the author(s) or authorized licenser. For exceptions to these rules please refer to German Copyright law (UrhG).

§2 Copyright on text uploaded to the CATMA web application data base

CATMA does not accept any responsibility for breaches of copyright that may result from user initiated uploads onto the CATMA platform and its data base.  The onus is therefore solely and explicitly on the CATMA user to make sure and to guarantee that no third party rights to any of the respective content is being violated when uploading such data onto the CATMA platform. Special attention is drawn to the consequences of “sharing” documents in CATMA (see §4).

Note that any user uploaded or generated content is automatically associated with a user account. Individual responsibility for every data upload is therefore recorded in the CATMA data base. While CATMA does neither monitor nor administer user uploaded texts and corpora and respects its users’ privacy rights without any reservations whatsoever a court of law might under certain conditions demand and also obtain access to this individualized information.

Materials that are subject to ordinary copyright may in many countries be distributed and used for scientific or teaching purposes, provided that they are accessible only to a defined, limited user group (such as seminars or research teams). However, as exceptions may apply to a specific material the onus is on the CATMA user to clarify the applicable copyright conditions before uploading and/or sharing and distributing any materials via the CATMA platform.

§3 Intellectual property of research data

Any meta data—such as: Tags, Properties, Tag sets, Markup, Markup collections or similar—produced by a user with the help of CATMA remain the sole intellectual property of that user. For exclusions, see §4, §5 and §6.

§4 Consequences of activating the “Sharing” option

CATMA provides the possibility to define data and meta data sets as “shared resources” and invite other CATMA users to collaborate in the exploration, annotation and markup as well as the analysis of text documents and text corpora. The original owner of such a data set may further decide to activate the “writable” option, thus enabling other members of the sharing group to actively amend, modify or delete CATMA entries from his/her original set of meta data. Under these circumstances two specific conditions apply:

  • It is the express understanding of the current terms of use that when activating the “sharing” option for data/meta-data users automatically accept full legal responsibility for potential consequences concerning copyright restrictions. For example, under certain conditions declaring a text or a text corpus as “shared” may result in a breach of copyright pertaining to that material (see §2) if the original permission of the use of that material was granted on a personal basis, or for a limited number of users only.
  • Also, it is the express understanding that where a user has chosen to activate the “sharing”, or the “sharing” in combination with the “writable” option, he/she automatically agrees to sharing his/her original intellectual property right in the meta data with the other members of the sharing group. Where the point of origin of a particular contribution or edit of a meta data item can be traced in CATMA, the intellectual property in that item will be deemed as shared between all active contributors recorded by CATMA. Where an individual attribution to a sharing group’s members is impossible, the property right in the meta data shall be deemed shared equally among all sharing group members.

§5 Postprocessing and analysis of data and meta data generated by users for the purpose of developing CATMA annotation functionalities

CATMA reserves the right to post-process and analyze as training data for machine learning purposes any data and meta-data contributed or generated by a user.  Any user generated data/meta-data used for these purposes will be processed strictly in anonymized format only and may not be used to profile individual users.

§6 Ownership of algorithms and routines developed by post processing user generated data and meta data

Any algorithms, routines, workflows, concepts, technologies or functionalities that may result from post-processing user generated data and meta data in accordance with §4 are deemed to be the sole property of CATMA.

§7 Illegal content

CATMA may not be used to upload or distribute materials and contents that are themselves subject to prosecution, however technically realized in textual, graphic or audio format (§ 184 StGB, insbes. Abs. 5; § 86 StGB, § 130 StGB).

§8 Protection of personal rights

Users may not post or distribute any however personally offensive, defamatory or threatening contents via CATMA (§§ 185 ff. StGB). Each user is supposed to respect each other’s privacy. Actively spying out closed data is strictly prohibited (§ 202a StGB).

§9 Protection of technical infrastructure

Users may not install, set up or use any applications or scripts that are capable to change or breach the technical structure of the CATMA network facilities. (§ 303a/b StGB).

§10 Invoking action by admins; user liability

If the admins get any information that raise suspicion about possible breaches to the above rules and procedures, normally the user in question will receive a warning via email first. In case the user continues to violate the terms of use the admins are authorized to terminate the user’s access to CATMA. If a breach of the above terms of use results in serious damage to the technical facilities of CATMA, the user is liable to the extent that the fault was on his/her part.

§11 Disclaimer

All materials and information within the public sections of CATMA that the CATMA-team accounts for are being controlled and revised thoroughly and with the aim to be comprehensive. Nevertheless, there may still be some errors. CATMA is not liable for any damage or disadvantages that may result from using the information delivered. Also, CATMA is not liable for contents on pages on other servers that CATMA-pages may link to. CATMA is not liable for contents that users of CATMA upload to their repositories. CATMA is also not liable for damage that may be inflicted to client-side hardware or software through possible bugs or insufficiencies in the CATMA-software or CATMA’s hardware appliances.