1. “Do I have to install anything to use CATMA?”
    No. All you need is your browser and good internet connectivity.
  2. “What must I do to start working with CATMA?”
    Four simple steps:

    • create a user account (you can create a CATMA specific account, or you may use an existing Google account, if you prefer to do so)
    • log in to CATMA with your new account details; accept the terms of use
    • upload your first text through your browser
    • start working with it. But to be honest: you might want to take a look at our tutorial first!
  3. “Are you exchanging data with Google?”
    We’re offering Google’s authentification service purely for convenience. If you prefer to stay away from Google simply use CATMA’s own authentification system—check our terms of use for more details on this.
  4. “What about different machines and browsers?”
    We’re trying to cover all browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.). Check the technical specifications for more detail on this. CATMA works well with all types of machines, but—so far—NOT with tablets. (We’re working on that one, too.)
  5. “Are there any costs involved for me?”
    No. CATMA is a research project funded by public money. We continuously develop the system further, maintain it and provide help to users as part of the forTEXT project located at the University of Hamburg in Germany.
  6. “Where actually is my data?”
    On the CATMA server provided by the Hamburg University IT center, which also applies very stringent security protocols. Being located in Germany the CATMA data and privacy policy fall under the jurisdiction of the EU.
  7. “Is my data safe? What if your server crashes?”
    We’re as neurotic about this as you: in addition to its productive system in Hamburg, CATMA has one full system backup server at the University of Heidelberg and another two data backup servers run by two different commercial providers. In other words, we’re quadruple safe.
  8. “Can I keep local copies of my data?”
    Sure. You can export text and markup data to your local machine.
  9. “Are there any limitations in terms of file size, number of concurrent users, etc.?”
    In theory: not really. And if we happen to hit such a problem, we try and fix it. However, note that CATMA is NOT a quantitative or statistical text mining tool designed to handle terabytes of data in non-interactive batch mode, such as Twitter streams etc. Rather, CATMA is an environment that tries to emulate as closely as possible traditional practices in the field of qualitative literary and text studies.
  10. “Do you provide help if something goes wrong?”
    That’s part of our mission. Don’t be shy to mail us.