Author: CATMA Team

CATMA maintenance

CATMA will be moving to new hardware this weekend, so expect downtimes on Saturday August 17 2013. We will keep the downtime as short as possible.

New DoubleTreeJS visualisation

The last maintenance release also integrates DoubleTreeJS into CATMA. DoubleTreeJS is a cool keyword in context visualisation made by Chris Culy.

CATMA 4 manual released

The manual for CATMA 4 is now available online and as a PDF Download.

CATMA 4 released

The CATMA team is proud to announce that CATMA 4 is now ready for use. CATMA 4 is implemented as a web application and can be found under the following link: The release of CATMA 4 entails the relaunch of this website, which is now fit to present the newest version of CATMA. It…
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Cooperation with Google

The CATMA team is very pleased to announce that Google funds the further development of CLÉA (Collaboratve Literature Éxploration an Annotation Environment) with 50000 USD. CLÉA will be a CATMA based web application for the annotation and exploration of large corpora of texts such as Google Books.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

We are happy to announce a new joint initiative with the research teams of Prof. Angelika Redder and Prof. Kristin Bührig from the HZSK (Hamburg Centre for Speech Corpora, at Hamburg University who – among other – are engaged in the linguistic research of narratives. Our joint focus lies on the transdisciplinary and computer…
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Talk on tagging time with CATMA in Wuppertal/Germany

Wuppertal’s second narratological panel for postgraduate students “Zeit(en) erzählen. Narrative Verfahren – komplexe Konfigurationen” (July 7-9, 2011) includes the talk “Tagging in a ‘huge meadow of time’ – Analysen der Zeit mit Hilfe des Programmes CATMA” (“Analyses of time with the help of CATMA”) by Lena Schüch. The talk illustrates how the temporal structure of…
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CATMA 3.2 Mac OS X installer

The CATMA 3.2 Mac OS X installer is available for download.

CATMA 3.2 Windows installers

We solved the problem with the CATMA 3.2 Windows installers.

CATMA 3.2 released

The CATMA team announces the release of CATMA 3.2. Besides containing various bugfixes and improvements the release is mainly driven by a collaboration between the team of Prof. Dr. Meister (Hamburg University) and the team of Prof. Dr. Sinclair (McMaster University) at Hamilton (ON), Canada. CATMA offers now the possibility to export user generated data…
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